In our lives we are constantly challenged by diversity and inequality in both people and nature. We have different core values that we have gathered since birth, from our parents, brothers and sisters, society, school, environment etc. These determine many of the rules that we make our decisions are based upon. Until we create strong enough experiences ourselves and the values are contested by interaction with new experiences and encounters, we are influenced by these rules. But as we grow and we develop more as individuals and start questioning old thoughts and rules. We are presented with choices – accept or discard, lead or follow, adapt or change. Our will to explore possibility and potential grows.

Every encounter that we have can teach us something more about our role in life. All we need to be is open to that suggestion, be aware of the present and grasp what is presented to us. If we give in and just follow the stream without exploring what the wave contains or offers we will soon end up at the end station and wonder ”Was that it? Why didn’t I try that? What would have happend if I did that? How could I have missed all that?”

The world we live is so diverse that it is hard to wrap our minds around it all, but I am certain we all have a role to play. What role do you want to play? How can you influence the outcome of your journey?


Through out my journey I have learnt that no matter what challenge is presented I always have a choice and that puts me in a power situation to be the driver of my adventure. Not always will I succeed in taking the main road to the goal but my focus and *inner-gps guides me towards the goal I choose. Let’s be honest, who wants to only stay on the main road all the time and not explore a little. 🙂

I will always have gratitude and be thankful for the ”maps” that people have shared and still share with me because they have helped me to where I am at today, good or bad. I strongly believe that we all need to stay in motion and strive to know new things, cultures, people etc. With this in mind I am certain my decisions will become easier, I can feel it in because it is in my heart.

*Inner -gps, ”goal – presence – search”

(If I have a strong enough goal, have presence in my decisions and constantly search for the best possible path towards my goal, I will get there!)


to be continued… 


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